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 Rules :P :) :D

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Rules :P :) :D Empty
PostSubject: Rules :P :) :D   Rules :P :) :D EmptyThu Jul 09, 2009 4:26 am

These Are The Rules:

1. To join Post On Recruitment And Wait For Megatron, Gir, Or Saix To Approve it, If You Dont Post You Wont Be Accepted.

2. Do not spam! Spam results in a warning!

3. Respect your fellow members! Three warnings will result in a one day suspension!

4. Only talk down to hated clan! (example: Raptor)

5. Respect Trainees

6. Recruit anyone you see fit! This goes for ALL DLC members!

7. IF you recruit personally then they do not have to post in the Recruitment section! This also goes for ALL DLC members

8. Do not show sexually explicit pictures! If you do will result in a 2 day suspension!

9. Do not HACK! Hacking is prohibited and will result in a FULL TIME BAN!!!

10. Do not accuse people of hacking!

11. Be on your best behavior while playing, we want MATURE players!

12. Do not whine or cry! It shows we are not an exceptional and capable team!

13. Do NOT kick your fellow members!!! Doing so willl result in a ban from the clan!

14. Watch what u say in the game and have fun with other players... Including DLC Members!

15. You may call someone a camper or spammer if they are doing it!

16. Try not to get banned from other servers so that we may be able to fight other clans in a big war!

17. Be respectfull to others in game so that we may be able to get new recruites!

More Rules to follow!
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Rules :P :) :D
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